Chapter 25: A Champion for Education

In this chapter, we delve into Sila Santosh’s unwavering commitment to education and mentorship, which transcends conventional boundaries. Sila’s passion for learning and sharing knowledge has led him to actively participate in initiatives that empower the less privileged.

Sila’s Role in Team Everest NGO
One remarkable example of Sila’s dedication is his involvement with Team Everest NGO. Through the “Know A Career Program,” he guides financially disadvantaged students in choosing the right career path. Sila’s mentorship has been instrumental in helping these young individuals overcome barriers and pursue their dreams. One particular student, Priya, stands as a testament to Sila’s impact. With his guidance, she aspired to become a computer engineer, and today, she’s on her way to achieving that dream.

Graphic Design for Social Change
Sila Santosh’s commitment to using his skills for social impact is evident in his role as a Graphic Design Artist for the same NGO. He has crafted visually compelling campaigns that raise awareness about critical social issues. For instance, his campaign on child education reached millions on social media, resulting in increased donations and support for Team Everest NGO’s educational initiatives.

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