Sila Santosh's Diverse Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio, where I proudly showcase my journey through a multitude of passions, endeavors, and contributions to society. My portfolio is a reflection of the diverse experiences that have shaped me and the impact I aspire to make in the world.

Professional Odyssey

My professional journey has been an odyssey through various sectors and industries. With a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, I embarked on a career in software development, working in renowned companies across metropolitan cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. From my role as a Programmer at Fortrea to my tenure as a Team Lead at Digibloq, I’ve honed my skills and embraced challenges that have broadened my horizons.

A Commitment to Social Services

Beyond the corporate world, my heart beats for social services. I am passionate about making a positive impact on society and have actively engaged in various initiatives. As a graphic designer for Labcorp Drug Development’s EnABLE Employees Resource Groups (ERG), I’ve worked to empower individuals with disabilities. I’ve also guided financially disadvantaged students in their career choices through Team Everest NGO’s Know A Career Program and created graphics for fundraising campaigns for Team Everest NGO.

My role as a Social Media Ambassador for the ATGFoundation has allowed me to emotionally connect with donors, raise awareness about social causes, and create compelling visual content that empowers people. I believe in the power of social services to create a better world.


Creativity is at the core of my being

Creativity is at the core of my being. My role as an Event Organizer for Vedic Math School during the COVID-19 pandemic allowed me to promote the knowledge of Vedic Mathematics through online events, demonstrating my commitment to education and innovation.

Creativity is my driving force

I’ve also utilized my creative talents as a graphic designer to support noble causes, including creating posters for fundraising for NGOs through Chezuba. Whether it’s designing campaign materials or crafting visual content, creativity is my driving force.

A Holistic Approach

My portfolio is a testament to my holistic approach to life. I believe in continuous learning and personal growth, both professionally and as a contributing member of society. Through my experiences in diverse fields, I’ve cultivated a unique perspective that drives me to leave a positive legacy.


Join Me on this Journey

I invite you to explore my portfolio and delve into the various facets of my professional and personal journey. Together, we can appreciate the power of diverse experiences and the potential for making a meaningful impact. Thank you for joining me on this remarkable journey.
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