Make effective use of phone?

Have you ever realized that the device  which you are using right now is a money making machine ?

You could have earned thousands  to lakhs by now if you could had utilized  your mobile phone in right way.

I wish, I could had implemented the thing years ago, but I never paid attention  towards it.

So, How do you use your phone ? Watch YouTube  videos ? Play games ? Surf random sites, spend time in social  media ? Chat with  friends and sometimes  with Strangers ? Call and talk with your loved ones ? Take selfish or create videos ?

All you have to do is, to do the same thing, but this time to make money.


Before discussing  about  how to make money, let’s discuss  about  what are the ways to make money ?

Note: To be clear, Making  money on phone is not  overnight  work.. It takes time, hard work,  and consistently to earn.

Here are few ways to earn money online.

1) Start Teaching Online

2) Start your own Website

3) Run Affiliate Marketing

4) Social Media Marketing

5) YouTube Marketing

6) Mobile Application Testing

7) Content Marketing

8) Stock Marketing

9) Freelancing

10) Get paid by other ways

11) Conduct  events and Seminars

12) Write a book and promote it.

Start Teaching Online

If you are good at something, why don’t you make money out if it ?

1) Social  Media Marketing

This name has become  a buzz word especially 2020 and 2021.

Facebook, Instagram, Painters, Quora Twitter  apps can be commonly found  in most of the smart phone. Why can’t these Social Media Apps work as the money generating tools for you ?

Think about it.

All you have to do is showcase  the people  what you are best at.  Create a page of yours.  Keep posting and be dedicated. Create groups and communities. I am sure, eventually money would be pouring  into your pocket. As mentioned  earlier,  it will take time, but eventually  you can earn.

2) Start your own Website.

Creating  a website is not a rock science in today’s world. It is as easy as preparing Maggi.

With just 4 steps you can create your complete  website.

* All you have to do is, buy a hosting or domain from the trusted website like DigitalOcean or Hostinger or Alibaba.

* You don’t have to be a web developer or app developer to develope a website. You can use the most famous  and commonly  used CMS called WordPress, which is an open source  and completely  free and safe.

* Install a template.. there are so many templates available in market. So according  to your niche, you can choose your theme and install in your website.

* Change your content in your theme, add images, videos and what ever you want to add..

And your website  is ready.

Write what you love and write about  the services you want to give to your customers. Build up the audience base and work towards delivering the best to your customers.

Affiliate Marketing

In short, Affiliate Marketing  is all about  promoting  others products and earning  commissions out of it. Its almost  like refer and earn.

All you have to do is, just refer your friends  and family  the apps you use, let them download  and use it by following  the guidelines  of affiliate marketing.  You will be paid if you have successfully  referred  someone.

Most commonly  used apps like Google Pay, Paytm, Airtel  too have programs like refer and earn. For more details,  check those apps and website 😀.

To work as an affiliate marketer, all you have to do is,

Register in the app or website which you want to refer,

Share the link in various social media channels or websites and let the people know about it.

Once people will register or use the particular app or website as per affiliate  marketing conditions, you will be paid.

1) Start Teaching  Online.

If you are good at something,  teach people  about it and start earning. There are a lot of apps and websites  where you can register as a trainer or teacher and start  teaching.

Stock Marketing.

Investing  in the stocks is good  way of earning, when it comes to long  term. Many people  even work on IntraTrade to earn profits on daily  basis. This might be risky and you might even go in loss, but after gaining  the proper knowledge, you can earn huge.

Few of the Stock Marketing apps which  you can try are Groww, Smallcase, ……

Note: It is highly  advisable to have a proper  knowledge on investment before  investing.





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