Media Usage Policy

Media Usage Policy

Welcome to Sila Santosh’s website (“us,” “we,” or “our”). We are dedicated to providing engaging and informative content to our users. To enhance the visual appeal and functionality of our website, we often use various media elements, including stock images, icons, animations, and videos from reputable sources. This Media Usage Policy outlines how we use and attribute these media assets.

Media Sources

We source our media assets, including but not limited to stock images, icons, animations, and videos, from well-established providers. These sources may include platforms such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Flaticon, LottieFiles, Vimeo, and YouTube, among others.

Media Licensing

We ensure that we have the appropriate licenses and permissions to use all media assets on our website. This includes licensing images and videos for use, as well as complying with any necessary attribution requirements. We strictly adhere to the terms and conditions set by the original creators and licensing agreements.


For media assets that require attribution, we provide proper credit to the original creators. This attribution typically includes the artist’s or creator’s name, the source, and a link to the original asset, when applicable.

Media Modification

In some instances, we may modify or customize media assets to align them with our content or branding. These modifications are carried out in compliance with the terms of use specified by the original creators.

User-Generated Media

We encourage our users to submit their own media content, such as images, animations, and videos, for publication on our website. By submitting media content, users grant us the necessary rights and permissions to use these assets on our website.

Copyright Compliance

We are committed to respecting intellectual property rights and diligently verify that all media assets we use are free from copyright infringement. If you believe that any media asset on our website violates your copyright or intellectual property rights, please contact us immediately, and we will promptly address the issue.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Media Usage Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at [Email Address].

By using our website, you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in this Media Usage Policy. We reserve the right to update or modify this policy as needed, and any changes will become effective immediately upon posting on this page.

Thank you for visiting Sila Santosh’s website, and we hope you enjoy our multimedia-enhanced content.

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