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Official Website of NIRVANA: RAGA • DVESHA • MOHA :

Embark on an extraordinary literary journey with “Nirvana – Raga, Dvesha, Moha,” a masterpiece that delves into the profound tapestry of the human experience.

From the delicate threads of feelings and emotions to the intricate weave of life’s tapestry, this book explores the intricacies of relationships, love, parenthood, feminism. It fearlessly navigates the nuanced landscapes of childhood, societal issues, the complexities of dowry, marriage, divorce, and the poignant moments of death and breakups.

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Why should one read NIRVANA: RAGA • DVESHA • MOHA ?

The title and subtitle of this magnum opus are a symphony, promising readers an all-encompassing exploration of every possible facet of existence. Open these pages and immerse yourself in the universal melody of human existence.

Official Website link of NIRVANA: RAGA • DVESHA • MOHA

You can read/ download/ purchase here.
Who is the Author Jyoti Patel

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Jyoti Patel, a 25-year-old accomplished Indian author hailing from Hyderabad, is a trailblazer in the literary world. As the first female Indian author to delve into TaeKwonDo sport with her book, she has authored a total of 10 books, including “NIRVANA,” earning her recognition as a World Record Holder and Global Goodwill Ambassador. Before her solo book debut in 2016, Jyoti contributed to 10 anthology books and was an influential blogger.
Today, her accolades include the titles of ‘Top Influential Author 2018,’ ‘Author of the Year 2019,’ ‘Voice of Indian Literature Award,’ and ‘She Inspires 2020.’
Jyoti was a core team member of Writer’s Rescue Centre –
Worlds First Writers Rescue Foundation: a place for all the aspiring writers, to receive the proper guidance, mentor-ship and training in the field of writing. Jyoti was a core team member of ‘Yes! I Am Happy’ for several years – an organization working towards the welfare of children, an Initiative wherein the team work towards spreading joy
and happiness in the lives of children from humble background in the Urban Poverty. Jyoti was also a core team member of CTI organization – Council for transforming India. (a Non-Governmental and NPO registered under Telangana Societies Registration, a Social Platform & NGO working with motto of promoting ideas and ideals for holistic development and transformation of Nation)
Jyoti is a Founder of JP Enterprise (e-commerce selling platform), JP Foundation (NGO), and Co-Founder of
Perennial Academy (Martial Arts School). Jyoti is a Certified Nutritionist (specialized in Vegan Nutrition) and a Sports Nutrition diploma holder from Royals school of Business, a Taekwondo Black-belt holder from Kukkiwon, Seoul, South Korea. Jyoti is also trained in Yoga under Yoga Alliance and earned her yoga teacher training certifications in the year 2022.
Jyoti is fond of music, finding joy in the harmonies of life; she relishes the melodies of reading, cooking, and photography, but it is in the enchanting embrace of travel
that she discovers her eternal love. Jyoti is a vegan since 4 years, driven by concern for the environment, animals, and health.
Looking ahead, Jyoti plans to focus on Perennial Academy for the next two years, temporarily pausing her writing career. However, she aims to launch her 11th book in December 2026.
Here’s a list of her published books:
I. Sensation of a Soul (2016)
II. The Mystic Soul (2017)
III. Whispers of the Soul (2018)
IV. The Curved Rainbow (2019)
V. The Forest of Feelings (2019)
VI. ANAMIKA: Beyond Words (2020)
VII. Taekwondo – An Olympic Sport (2021)
VIII. The Awakening – Unheard. Undiscovered. Untold.
IX. Mindful Living – Nutrition For All (2022)
X. Nirvana – Raga. Dvesha. Moha (2023)

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