Chapter 20: Cultivating Art and Literature

In the chapter “Cultivating Art and Literature,” we delve into Sila Santosh’s artistic inclinations, particularly his love for writing poetry and stories. This passion for the written word has been a constant companion throughout his life, shaping his creative identity.

A Love for Libraries
Sila’s journey into the world of literature began during his school days, where he found solace and inspiration in the school library. The library became his sanctuary, a place where he could explore various genres and immerse himself in the world of words. He fondly remembers the days when he would rush to the library during his free time, eager to discover new literary treasures. His ability to organize and catalog books within the library hinted at his natural inclination toward order and structure.

Influential Educators
Within the school environment, Sila encountered educators who left an indelible mark on his literary journey. Mr. Kumar, his English teacher, was known for his innovative teaching methods that ignited a love for the English language. He created an engaging learning atmosphere that encouraged students to explore their creativity through words. On the other hand, his Hindi teacher’s strictness when it came to grammar and language proficiency instilled a sense of discipline and precision in Sila’s writing.

Unforgettable School Experiences
Sila’s school years were enriched by co-curricular activities such as essay writing, debates, quizzes, and morning prayers. These activities allowed him to refine his writing skills and express his thoughts eloquently. He recalls the thrill of participating in debates and the sense of accomplishment that came with it. These early experiences laid the groundwork for his future endeavors in the literary world.

The Transformative Role of Wattpad
The digital platform Wattpad played a pivotal role in Sila’s journey as a writer. During moments of introspection and contemplation, he turned to Wattpad to pour his thoughts and emotions into writing. It was on this platform that he discovered a supportive community of fellow writers and poets. Among them, Bushra Rahmani, author of “The Naked Scars” from Delhi, became his close friend and confidant. They shared their literary creations, provided constructive feedback, and encouraged each other’s growth.

Notable Connections
Sila’s journey in the literary world also introduced him to remarkable individuals like Taru from Sri Chaitanya College, whose influence left a lasting impression on his artistic development. Additionally, his interactions with Durriya and Faizur Rahmani added depth to his network of writers and poets. These connections expanded his horizons and allowed him to learn from diverse perspectives.

In “Cultivating Art and Literature,” we witness how Sila Santosh’s love for writing, nurtured by the support of educators and peers, evolved into a lifelong passion. His ability to connect with fellow writers and poets on platforms like Wattpad enriched his creative journey, demonstrating the power of community in nurturing artistic talents.

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